When School Isn’t Enough There’s A Grade Ahead.

Weekly Online Classes + Worksheets and Activities

A Grade Ahead makes it easy to help your students stay on track, or even get ahead of their peers. Sign up for our online classes in math and/or English and get personalized attention from educated teachers, plus our acclaimed lessons and worksheets.

Each week, your student will attend a 50-minute class with a teacher and no more than 7 other students. He or she will be taught a lesson and complete practice problems with the class to ensure they have an understanding of the topic. Then, they will complete additional worksheets or online exercises at home on three days to continue learning.

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How It Works


Curriculum Booklets Mailed

Receive delivery before the first class of the month.


Weekly Online Classes

Students attend a 50 minute class each week with no more than 8 students per teacher.


Lesson Taught Each Week

An educated teacher leads a lesson and helps students work on worksheets to learn the weekly topic.



Students continue to learn through the week by completing additional worksheets in our monthly curriculum booklet

Why A Grade Ahead?

Outstanding Curriculum

Unlike other programs, A Grade Ahead’s proprietary curriculum is constantly evolving to exceed national academic standards.


Proven Approach

For over 15 years, parents have been relying on our educational enrichment services, and more than 25,000 students have used our programs to excel academically and achieve their full potential.

Parent Recommended

“A Grade Ahead has helped my son achieve above average scores on his state standardized testing and has taught him a variety of problem solving skills that help him complete his homework with confidence.”
M.A., Dublin, OH

“Very useful and challenges the child. I have seen great improvement in my daughter’s math skills in the last one year.”
A.J., Gahanna, OH

“My daughter is way ahead in math and her foundation is solid, thanks to A Grade Ahead!”
Ashie, Dublin, OH

Our Curriculum

Reinforces essential skills

Challenges and rewards

Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Prepares for standardized testing

Applies concepts to real-world problems

Aligns with national standards

  • Numerical Fluency
  • Skills Practice
  • Word Problems
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Number Sense
  • Counting
  • Handwriting
  • Phonics

Our Pricing

Year–Round Curriculum
Monthly Fee
Year–Round Curriculum


Monthly Fee


Year–Round Curriculum


Monthly Fee


Discounts Available

Second Subject and Multiple Sibling Discount

Save $10 per month for every additional subject and/or sibling.

For example, two siblings taking math and English:

Family Subject Monthly Payment
Student 1 Math $120
Student 1 English $110
Student 2 Math $110
Student 2 English $110
Total = $450


6-Month Contract

Save an additional $10 per month per subject when you sign a 6-Month Contract.

Total for 4 subjects would be $410.

Family Subject Monthly Payment
Student 1 Math $110
Student 1 English $100
Student 2 Math $100
Student 2 English $100
Total = $410


  • The fee is paid monthly.
  • You may take up to one month break during your contract which extends the length of the contract period.
  • An early termination fee is applied if the contract is broken.

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