Introducing our newest program — 8th grade English!

Our combined 7th/8th grade program is now 7th grade English, with all new material for 8th grade English.

English Enrichment Classes

Your child’s reading and writing skills will flourish with A Grade Ahead’s English enrichment program.

A Grade Ahead’s English curriculum incorporates all of the elements required to be successful in English and communication.

By practicing a combination of vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and writing skills, your child will become a better reader and writer. Each week, your child’s teacher will teach a vocabulary lesson to enhance students’ reading and writing skills. The class will also learn a concept related to grammar, comprehension, or writing, which are aligned to your child’s school curriculum. This ensure that what you’re child sees in school is what he or she will see at A Grade Ahead. The homework at A Grade Ahead aligns with what your child’s teacher taught in class.

But we don’t stop there—we understand the importance of effective communication, reading, and writing in today’s world. To bring the concepts to life, your child will practice communication and language skills using real-world situations through hands-on learning activities. Today’s world requires effective communication in order to be successful, and our English program will advance your child’s reading and writing skills above his or her peers.

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