Pre-Algebra 2 students are now a part of our Blended Learning program, a combination of traditional pencil and paper, along with activities online.

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Pre-Algebra 2 Enrichment Classes (7th/8th Grade)

Encourage learners to take the path towards achievement.

In A Grade Ahead’s Pre-Algebra 2 math program, we encourage our students to put effort into learning the concepts they need to succeed. The Pre-Algebra 2 program consists of layers of content that will help students develop skills in:

  • Exponents and simplifying expressions
  • Linear equations
  • System of equations

While Pre-Algebra 2 students will not receive individualized numerical drills, they do receive rich and meaningfully developed curriculum, as well as test prep homework. Each step has been designed to enhance A Grade Ahead students’ abilities to calculate quickly and accurately, while dissecting word problems to find solutions.

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Month 1
Fractions, decimals, and percents; GCF and LCM
Month 2
PEMDAS; Integers; Variable and expressions
Month 3
Exponents; Square & cube root; Scientific notation
Month 4
Metric vs. standard systems; Measuring time & temperature
Month 5
Functions; Linear equations; Slope intercept form
Month 6
Systems of equations; Absolute value; Inequalities
Month 7
Polynomials; Ratio, unit rate, and proportion
Month 8
Probability; Statistics
Test Prep Month
Standardized Test Preparation
*Some may offer in a month other than February. Check with your local academy.
Month 9
Month 10
Pythagorean theorem; Number theory; Transformations
Month 11
Preparing to Move A Grade Ahead