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We love our parents, and our parents love us! Our parents have seen great progress in their students since joining the A Grade Ahead community. But don’t take our word for it — see our results for yourself in our parent testimonials and student success stories.

Student Success story Diya

Diya J.

A Grade Ahead provides real world lessons for real world success

Diya J., is a fourth-grade student who won a big prize and a trip to the National Invention Convention. Diya designed an original invention, tested it out in A Grade Ahead classrooms, and used that feedback to make her invention into the version that won 2nd place at the Ohio Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Competition. Diya will move on to the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneur Expo (NICEE) later this year. Diya and her mother, Monika, expressed gratitude for A Grade Ahead’s curriculum and highly qualified teachers that helped Diya succeed.


Diya told us she really enjoys classes at A Grade Ahead, and she’s gotten to experience both our math and English curriculums! She noted that A Grade Ahead classes have helped her complete schoolwork and  improve her grades. Specifically, Diya is grateful for A Grade Ahead’s help with testing in school: along with the invention convention, her proudest moments are feeling accomplished on tests at school (thanks to the help of A Grade Ahead)!

“I like doing [numericals], and in reading, I like learning about this topic we’re learning right now which is commas and quotation marks, and it’s kind of challenging for me, and I like challenges…With things in reading, like other words, things I don’t know the meaning of, there’s like some words, the vocabulary words, and then [they come up] in my tests, and I’m like ‘oh! I know them now.”

We loved hearing how much Diya felt like A Grade Ahead has helped her, including the specific help she got during her product testing stages.

Her Mother, Monika commented, “She was part of a different program before coming here, and a lot of it had to do with the style of how you teach and what material is presented… I thought, when I looked at the material, that there was a lot more critical thinking as opposed to sitting there and memorizing a lot of the stuff, or just recalling math problems…Children grow, they memorize – they’re like sponges, you know. They’re able to just soak up all the information but [it’s important to] be able to translate that into understanding and to comprehend it, and to be able to verbalize that. I felt that when I came here and looked at the material, [it] would help her down the road, as opposed to where she was before.”

To read more about the competition and Diya’s invention, read our Student Success Story here. To read more about Diya’s experience with A Grade Ahead during her product testing and improvement stages, check out this blog.



A Grade Ahead Successful Student Excel

Abshaar Narvel

From Student to Teacher to Surgeon

What better testimonial to A Grade Ahead’s program than a former student coming back to our program as a teacher while prepping for medical school.  Abshaar Narvel first walked through our academy doors in 2006 as a student. She graduated from high school and went on to The Ohio State University after having much academic success. Later, Abshaar returned to A Grade Ahead to return the favor and began teaching at her old academy. “A Grade Ahead challenged and motivated me to improve and compete with myself to become even better.”

“A Grade Ahead challenges students to higher goals, and the teachers keep the students motivated.”   Abshaar is now in medical school specializing in ankle surgery at Rosalind Franklin School of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago.  I owe A Grade Ahead for my academic success!”

A Grade Ahead of Dublin Student Learning Success Achieve

Kristina Tran

A Community that Sparks a Love of Learning

In Kristina Tran’s family, education is a top priority. Kristina’s parents wanted to make sure their daughter received the support she needed to succeed, so they tried out different after-school enrichment programs. Kristina’s parents began to feel discouraged until they tried A Grade Ahead. “We tried other after-school programs, but Kristina was bored and never wanted to do her homework.” 

Kristina’s parents made a decision that made a world of difference in their daughter’s academic future: they enrolled Kristina into an A Grade Ahead enrichment academy. “Now that we are at A Grade Ahead, Kristina loves to do her homework because it’s a challenge, and her writing skills have significantly improved.”

The Tran’s also love the community that A Grade Ahead provides. Parents and students at A Grade Ahead seem to value education as much as they do. Kristina’s excitement for school has noticeably changed, and they credit that to the environment that A Grade Ahead has created with same-age classrooms and the curriculum.

“We never want Kristina to lose interest in education. It is important for her to keep excelling academically while understanding the value of education, which is why we love A Grade Ahead.”

A Grade Ahead of Powell Student Excel Academic

Kiaan Sutar

Success Starts in Pre-Kindergarten

Rekha wanted to do as much as possible to help her son before starting the first grade. As a mother of an older child, she knows the challenges that a child can experience when starting public school without preparation. “I was considering other after-school programs, but after hearing testimonials from others I reviewed, I found that A Grade Ahead’s materials were designed with an analytical approach rather than repetitive lessons and worksheets.” 

Kiaan’s mother wanted to find the right fit, and she found it with A Grade Ahead. She likes how the A Grade Ahead Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten program, unlike other programs, focuses on preparing young students for success in a real classroom.

Kiaan’s success in school is proof that the A Grade Ahead methods prepare young minds for success in the classroom. After starting 1st grade, Kiaan’s teacher complimented Rekha on her son’s math and English abilities, and Rekha credits A Grade Ahead for Kiaan’s success. “I am very satisfied with the overall performance of Kiaan and am glad that I have chosen A Grade Ahead.”  



A Grade Ahead Student Excel Academic Achievement

Mason Campbell

Moving Students A Grade Ahead

Mason joined A Grade Ahead during Pre-Kindergarten. Understanding the value of education, Mason’s mother wanted to give her son the best education, but was hesitant of starting Mason at such a young age. “I was worried that he wouldn’t understand the concepts and not be able to sit long enough to make it through an entire class, but I was 100% wrong!”

Since starting at A Grade Ahead, Mason has scored above average in 2 of the 4 categories of the Ohio MAP test, and is reading at a 3rd grade level in 1st grade. Mason’s mother believes that the small classroom setting and qualified teachers really set A Grade Ahead apart from other programs.

“A Grade Ahead is much more than a tutoring center—it’s a true enrichment program that has given Mason the confidence to thrive in his education!”