Students and teacher doing activities at science camp

Eco-Explorers Enrichment Camp

Grades 3 — 5

Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Art


Calling all budding botanists! In this educational enrichment camp, your students will examine the wonders of science. They will study different ecosystems and how animals behave and interact with one another. Through interactive activities, experiments, and group projects, our student-centered curriculum will make biology fun and understandable.

After students have learned about an ecosystem, they will read literature about these animals and make connections between fiction and the real-world. This interdisciplinary course will teach students how to effectively interact with a text to develop a better understanding and a love of literature.

Session 1: “From Salt Water to Sand Storms”

In this section of Eco-Explorers, students will explore the ocean, the tundra, and the desert. Students will read books based on these biomes in order to learn about their climates and the animals that live there. Then, students will complete science experiments, engage in interactive activities, and complete creative projects in order to apply this knowledge.

Session 2: “From the Lowlands to the Canopy”

In this section of Eco-Explorers, students will explore the grasslands, deciduous forest, and the rainforest. Working as a class, as well as in groups and individually, students will read books, create crafts, and complete activities – both interactive and scientific – that will allow them to learn about both the climates and the wildlife of these biomes. In the last session, students will choose one biome they have learned about, and using the facts they have collected on it, create and present a diorama based on that biome.


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