Frequently Asked Questions

Your child will attend class once per week. Classes are scheduled by grade and subject, with small class sizes. A qualified A Grade Ahead teacher will present a proper lesson over the topic of the week in class. Each weekly lesson includes 1 day of practice questions for students to complete with pencil and paper.

To reinforce the lesson at home your student will complete additional days of homework. For most grades, students will complete online content and interactive activities through AGA Online. Your student’s work will be automatically graded, and you can log in to check your student’s progress, look at reports, view the badges your student has earned, and more! For the younger and higher grade levels, students will continue their homework with pencil and paper through the Traditional method.

Our program is designed so that students may join in any month. Our curriculum is aligned with the national standard requirements of the school system, so we will be teaching similar topics to those your child learns in school. We do offer optional assessments that will help place your child into the correct grade based on their strengths. The assessment will ensure that your child has the ability to join the grade and program at this time. If you are concerned about any of the topics missed, please reach out to your local academy to discuss other available options

All of our teachers are highly educated and required to have at least 3 years of college experience. Our teachers complete a thorough training process supervised by experienced staff members. New teachers observe classes before they begin teaching their own classes. On the first night of class, an experienced teacher helps the new teacher instruct the classes, and after that, teachers are observed regularly.

We believe in giving our students the best of both worlds by using a blended approach. We have integrated the traditional method of paper & pencil learning along with interactive, online exercises to reinforce concepts learned in class.

Our curriculum is also focused on more than just rote memorization and drills. Your child will practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are required in today’s world. Word problems and activities are based on real-world situations.

A Grade Ahead academies reflect a small classroom setting. Classes are scheduled by grade and by subject and are not mixed with different grade levels, so your child will be in class with students with similar skill levels.

The A Grade Ahead program is designed for students who want to excel at school and standardized testing. This provides an opportunity for students to catch up to their grade levels or be admitted into the advanced or accelerated programs.

We may not teach topics in the same order as your child’s school, but the same topics will be covered throughout our curriculum–with a challenging edge. A Grade Ahead’s proprietary curriculum is written in-house by a team of education experts. Our program will teach your child essential critical thinking and analytical skills. 

We are also constantly updating our curriculum to keep up with ever-changing educational standards.

Your student will receive the following:

  1. The lesson for the week and practice problems based on the concept(s) taught in class.
  2. 3 days of homework. For students in our Blended program, they will complete their homework online. For students in our Traditional program, they will complete homework on paper.
  3. Students enrolled in our math program will also receive numerical drills each week to practice their foundational math skills.

Students will take quizzes and tests to assess their subject knowledge throughout the year. Teachers also observe student performance in class, and have access to homework scores to monitor performance and understanding of the topics.

Once placed in a grade-based curriculum, most students complete the grade just like they would in a school. If the teacher observes that a student needs more of a challenge (or if a parent requests), the student may be advanced to the next grade level.

For students in our Blended Program, depending on the student’s performance on their first 2 days of AGA Online homework, they will be placed on an Adaptive Path for their 3rd day of homework. This path adjusts the difficulty of questions to either standard or more advanced.

If the study material is not at your child’s level, please contact us immediately. We will make prompt adjustments to match the material with the skill level of the student.

English covers vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and writing. Depending on the grade, topics may be different. For example, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will focus on phonics, and older grades will focus on writing and comprehension.

Math students will receive Numerical Drills and curriculum. 

Numerical drills are quick exercises that our math students complete each week to improve computational skills, speed, and accuracy, and are customized based on an individual student’s skills. 

Our math curriculum is topic based, and applies critical thinking, word problems, and real-world analytics.