Frequently Asked Questions

Your child will attend class once per week. Classes are scheduled by grade and subject, with small class sizes. Each week, a qualified A Grade Ahead teacher will instruct a proper lesson over the topic of the week in class. The teacher will work with the class to complete a day’s worth of homework to reinforce the lesson. Students will then take 3 more days of homework home (making 4 days of homework total). You will record your child’s homework scores on the Parent Portal, which will track your child’s progress over time.

We have optional assessments that will help place your child into the correct grade for his or her strengths. The assessment will ensure that your child has the ability to join the grade and program at this time. If you are concerned about any of the topics missed, please speak to your academy admin.

All of our teachers have at least 3 years of college experience. Our teachers go through a thorough training process supervised by experienced staff members. New teachers observe classes before they begin teaching their own classes. On the first night of class, an experienced teacher helps the new teacher instruct the classes, and after that, teachers are observed regularly.

A Grade Ahead academies reflect a small classroom setting. Classes are scheduled by grade and by subject and are not mixed with different grade levels, so your child will be in class with students with similar skill levels.

Our worksheets also focus on more than just rote memorization and drills. Your child will practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are required in today’s world. Word problems and activities also reflect real-world situations.

The A Grade Ahead program is designed for students who want to excel at school and standardized testing. This provides an opportunity for students to catch up to their grade levels or be admitted into the advanced or accelerated programs.

No. The A Grade Ahead program is aligned with topics students are exposed to in their grade levels at school. But we add an edge to the material through critical thinking and real-world applications, making it a true supplement to their school work.

The study packet contains:

  • Examples that give you an overview of what the teacher taught that week
  • Worksheets consisting of curriculum and numerical drills (math only)
  • Answer keys to check solutions

You will be able to track and monitor your child’s homework scores on our Parent Portal. Our Parent Portal offers helpful charts that help you see your child’s progress over time and compare your child’s scores to his or her peers. On top of the Parent Portal, your child will receive a curriculum test every three to four months to monitor his or her retention and mastery of certain subjects. Curriculum tests are available in 1st grade through 9th grade math and English.

Once placed in a grade-based curriculum, most students complete the grade just like they would in a school. If the teacher observes that a student needs more of a challenge (or if a parent requests), the student may be advanced to next grade level.

If the study material is not at your child’s level, please contact us immediately. We will make prompt adjustments to match the material with the skill level of the student.

English covers vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and writing. Depending on the grade, topics may be different. For example, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will focus on phonics, and older grades will focus on writing and comprehension.