Kindergarten English Enrichment Classes

Ignite an enthusiasm for education.

A Grade Ahead’s Kindergarten English program promotes reading confidence with an emphasis on letter sounds (phonics). Students learn how to read words phonetically, establishing the essentials of reading. They also learn sight words, and by the end of the year, students should be able to read basic sentences.The English skills integrated into our Kindergarten English curriculum include:

  • Reading and writing
  • Basic comprehension skills
  • Basic punctuations
  • Phonetic platforms

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Month 1
Upper and lower case letters; Vowels; Consonants
Month 2
Sight words; Consonant sounds
Month 3
Digraphs; Real-life connections
Month 4
Intro to books; Real-life connections
Month 5
Sight words; Short vowels
Month 6
Sight words; Review short vowels; Long vowel A
Month 7
Sight words; Long vowels O and I
Month 8
Review sign words and long vowels; Vowel pairs
Test Prep Month
Grade Readiness
*Some may offer in a month other than February. Check with your local academy.
Month 9
Review short and long vowels; Beginning consonant blends
Month 10
Ending consonant blends; Singular vs. plural; Rhyming words
Month 11
Preparing to Move A Grade Ahead