High School Math: Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus Enrichment Program (10th Grade+)

Build a successful future.

A Grade Ahead’s rigorous High School Math enrichment program is designed to challenge high school students to a higher academic standard. The curriculum provides a good understanding of higher level topics, covering six months of Algebra 2 concepts and six months of Pre-Calculus concepts including:

  • Linear equations
  • Polynomials and exponents
  • Logarithmic functions
  • Analytical trigonometry

Through numerical drills and realistic word problems, A Grade Ahead students develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills to succeed in trigonometry and beyond.

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Month 1
Algebra 2 (Equations and inequalities; Systems of equations; Relations and functions 1)
Month 2
Algebra 2 (Relations and functions 2; Functions and inequalities; Matrices)
Month 3
Algebra 2 (Polynomials and exponents; Parabola)
Month 4
Algebra 2 (Radicals and complex numbers; Hyperbolas; Non-linear equations)
Month 5
Algebra 2 (Ellipses; Trigonometry; Probability)
Month 6
Algebra 2 (Sequences and series; Growth, decay and logarithm)
Month 7
Pre-Calculus (Logarithmic functions; Complex numbers; Trigonometric functions)
Month 8
Pre-Calculus (Analytical trigonometry; Vectors 1)
Month 9
Pre-Calculus (Vectors 2; Matrices; Mathematical induction and binomial theorem)
Month 10
Pre-Calculus (Conics, Rotation of axes, parametric equations; Polar coordinates)
Month 11
Pre-Calculus (3D coordinate system; Lines and planes in space; Introduction to limits)
Month 12
Pre-Calculus (Techniques for evaluating limits; Tangent lines and derivatives)