A Grade Ahead's Management Team

A Grade Ahead Founder

Parag Singhal

President & Founder

Education: Parag earned a master’s degree in business from the Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Fun Fact: If it’s the weekend, you can catch Parag on the golf course with friends and family playing a quick 9 or 18 holes if the Ohio weather permits!

Quote about AGA: “My favorite thing about A Grade Ahead is being able to make a positive impact on our students and staff by consistently improving our focus and product.”

A Grade Ahead Founder

Meenal Singhal


Education: Meenal earned a master’s degree in computer application from India.

Fun Fact: When not at A Grade Ahead, Meenal enjoys walking her dog, Brooklyn, reading, practicing yoga, and putting her green thumb to use in her garden.

Quote about AGA: “I love absolutely everything about A Grade Ahead. I especially enjoy all aspects that involve our state-of-the-art curriculum.”

A Grade Ahead Manager

Nicole Acevedo

Teacher Manager

Education: Nicole earned a bachelor’s degree in English for composition and rhetoric from The Ohio State University.

Fun Fact: In Nicole’s free time, she enjoys reading books and writing. In fact, one day, Nicole hopes to write a novel or two!

Quote about AGA: “My favorite part about my job at A Grade Ahead is seeing my students excel in the program while helping teachers find creative solutions to keep students engaged!”

A Grade Ahead Manager

Mandy Ahlstrom

Franchising Manager

Education: Mandy earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Bowling Green State University.

Fun Fact: When Mandy isn’t traveling to all of our A Grade Ahead locations, you can find her spending time with her son, reading poetry, listening to music, or practicing yoga.

Quote about AGA: “What I love about A Grade Ahead is getting to travel around the country to visit our locations, and working with all of the unique personalities I’ve had the opportunity to interact with along the way!”

A Grade Ahead Manager

Nichole Armstrong

Enrichment at Home & Headquarters Manager

Education: Nichole earned a bachelor’s degree in education from The Ohio State University.

Fun Fact: Nicole has luck on her side! She has won two contests sending her to Hollywood and Alabama for music festivals!

Quote about AGA: “What I love about A Grade Ahead is how we continue to improve our curriculum and challenge our students to be the best they can be!”

A Grade Ahead Marketing

Amy Daniels

Marketing Manager

Education: Amy earned bachelor’s degrees in marketing and mass communications from Miami University.

Fun Fact: When not shuttling around teenagers to sports practices, Amy can be found on the tennis court.

Quote about AGA: “I love A Grade Ahead because it challenges kids to be their best & gives them confidence.”

A Grade Ahead Manager

Teresa Jordan

Central Ohio Academy Manager

Education: Teresa earned a bachelor’s degree in history and social politics from the University of Gloucestershire in the UK.

Fun Fact: Teresa has ridden a donkey, a camel, and a mule–but never a horse.

Quote about AGA: “I really enjoy working with a team of people who are passionate about the education of children, and who work hard to provide the best opportunity and experience for the kids who attend A Grade Ahead.”

Emily Karth

Curriculum Manager

Education: Emily earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Wittenberg University.

Fun Fact: Emily enjoys reading and playing games with her husband. She also has 3 rescue dogs she loves to play with!

Quote about AGA: “My favorite thing about working for A Grade Ahead is how we are constantly evolving. I love collaborating on exciting new initiatives to ensure that our program stays fresh and relevant for our students.”

A Grade Ahead Human Resources

Amy Licata

Human Resources Manager

Education: Amy earned a bachelor’s degree in communications with a minor in psychology from  the University of Dayton.

Fun Fact: One day, Amy hopes to travel the world with her husband and two children. Her first stop is Italy to try all the amazing foods and views!

Quote about AGA: “My favorite part is the people who make A Grade Ahead what it is. Everyone is caring, passionate, and dedicated to the success of the company. There are new challenges every day which continue to provide growth and development.”