Our academies are adapting to keep kids safe due to COVID-19. The majority are following this plan. Check with your local academy to see their plan.

Education is the Key to a Successful Life

A Grade Ahead’s programs help your child create a lifetime of success!

Education is the key to a successful life. The benefits of education are limitless for a child’s future successes. At A Grade Ahead, we have a proven approach to help your child reach his or her goals. Our curriculum increases in difficulty each month as it guides students to fully grasp critical concepts and skills. Your child will receive the individual attention that tutoring students receive but also have the added benefit of classroom interaction. By attending weekly classes and completing our worksheets, your child will have an academic advantage in school and be positioned to excel in life.


Climbing mountain to success: 1. Fundamental Skills, 2. Critical Thinking and Logic, 3. Real-World Problem Solving, 4. Success in School and Life


Practice Makes Progress!

Unlike traditional tutoring, our teachers will teach a lesson each week. Your child will interact with the teacher and classmates to understand new concepts related to math and English. In class, your child will receive monthly curriculum that includes:

  • A written lesson each week explaining a new concept
  • Four comprehensive worksheets per week to practice learning
  • Hands-on activities that relate key concepts to real-life situations
  • Answer keys for all of our homework

With teacher and peer interaction, your child will learn a new concept each week and complete a worksheet with teacher assistance. For the rest of the week, your child will have homework to solidify the concepts that were taught in class.

Check out our program options below to set your child up for academic success today!

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