Academy Science Classes: Hands-On Experiments & Scientific Learning

Ignite your child’s love for science.

A Grade Ahead’s science classes are designed to integrate scientific teaching with hands-on experiments. The six-month course covers topics including:

  • Earth science
  • Physical science
  • Life science

Currently offered for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in some A Grade academies, the courses will consist of one interactive class per week with worksheets for students to complete at home which require no special equipment or material.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will students be doing in science class?

In the science program, students will be completing both concept work and hands-on experiments every other week. The topics covered will span Earth, physical, and life sciences.

Does the curriculum cover the same topics as in school?

While we cannot guarantee that our science curriculum aligns perfectly with any one school, our curriculum writers have extensively researched topics for each grade and your child will cover a broad variety of ideas and topics on Earth, physical, and life science that they will also cover in school.

How will the classes benefit my child?

A Grade Ahead’s science classes will give your student practice in both science theory and science lab experiments that will complement the concept work.

Will science students get tests/quizzes?

Science students will get a test after every two months.

Will we use the Parent Portal to enter scores?

No, the science program will not be able to be entered into the Parent Portal.

What is the class length?

Classes are 50 minutes in length, once a week.

Is there homework?

Yes, students will receive two days of work a week, with the first being worked on during class each week.

How is student progress tracked?

Feedback will be given verbally and in feedback forms.

Can my student go up or down a grade level in order to take this class (example: 2nd or 6th graders)?

We recommend students take the science program of the grade that corresponds with his or her math and/or English curriculum. Students will use their math and comprehension skills to participate in class and complete homework assignments and skills learned in these classes. A student could take a lower grade of the science program by request.

Will students have projects to complete at home?

Students will not have any projects to complete at home beyond normal homework, which will not require any special equipment or materials.

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