Robotics Camp iconRobotics Camp: Race to the End 

Grades 4 — 6

Math, Programming, and Robotics


Let’s get moving! This educational enrichment camp will help students navigate their way through the basics of simple programming software and building robots using accessible and fun robotics technology. Students will learn the components of programming and rules of robotic motion, solve common problems with robotics, and use the concepts learned through coordinate mapping to plan a route for the final team challenge — a robot race through an obstacle course! By the end, students will have built foundational knowledge through which they will be able to gain greater insights into robotics in general.

Session 1

Students will discuss the basics of programming using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 programming software. They will go through the functions of each component of the software and how each change they make translates into movement for robots they will build in the next session. They will practice building programs without their robots both on the software and on paper to make sure they understand the foundations of robotic motion from a mathematical point of view.

Session 2

In this session, students will work together in teams to build their robots using instructions provided by the teacher. Their collaboration within teams will determine how efficiently their robots will be built and how much trouble-shooting their teams will need to complete the challenge. While working on building robots, student teams will also review foundational skills in programming learned during the first session.

Session 3

Students will have a chance to review programming and coordinate mapping before learning about testing their robot’s programs. This process will take up most of their 3rd session as they refine their programming skills and gain valuable insight into what makes a good program for their teams’ robots. In this session, they will be introduced to the objective of the obstacle course.

Session 4

Students will work together to continue building, testing, and refining their robots’ programs. Taking breaks to discuss problems, they will also collaborate on solutions.

Session 5

In the last session of the Robotics camp, students will finalize their teams’ programs for their robots and complete final testing. Towards the end, students’ teams will take turns attempting to complete the obstacle course.


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