Tutoring vs. Enrichment

When it comes to choosing a supplement to your child’s education, you want what is best for your child. When you think of educational help after school, you typically think of tutoring. However, depending on you and your child’s needs, enrichment may be the best option for your family.

Whether you choose tutoring or enrichment, your decision will take time and research. The choice on how to supplement your child’s education is an important one. Let A Grade Ahead help make your choice easier with access to some of the same benefits as private tutoring. Your child has the chance to increase his or her academic success while also keeping the cost reasonable for parents.

Great Teachers and Advanced Curriculum

All teachers at A Grade Ahead are required to take math and English assessments prior to classroom placement, receive comprehensive training with senior staff members and regular observation, and have a minimum of three years of college coursework, often based in education, math, or English.

Additionally, the cost of materials for class as well as take-home work, is covered in the tuition. With a state-of-the-art curriculum, aligned with your child’s school’s curriculum, your child is provided with materials that have been researched, created, and reviewed to be appropriate for each grade.

Cost Savings

Traditional tutoring can cost around $85 an hour for an experienced tutor. And you are often responsible for providing all the materials needed, which means you must know exactly how your child is struggling in order to suggest which topics to focus on. In addition, homework, or extra materials, cost even more time and money since tutoring is based on the individual student, not a pre-designed curriculum.

An enrichment program, such as A Grade Ahead, has a more manageable cost. At around $30 per week, A Grade Ahead provides your child with an experienced and well-trained teacher, in-class and homework materials, as well as regular progress updates of how your student is advancing.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Unlike traditional tutoring, A Grade Ahead focuses on academic enrichment. By focusing efforts on critical thinking and problem-solving, A Grade Ahead gives students the skills and practice they need to reach a higher academic standard. A Grade Ahead strives to create a community of students who are confident and capable learners so that they succeed in school and in life.

Small Group Benefits

A Grade Ahead realizes that individual attention is important and something that often drives parents towards choosing private tutoring. A Grade Ahead relies on small group settings, which enable teachers to identify and adapt to each student’s individual needs, while still creating a fun, caring, and engaging atmosphere for your child.

Assessments, beginning before a student even starts the program, are a critical part of monitoring our students’ strengths and areas of improvement. We also provide parents with access to progress reports and the opportunity to discuss their student’s performance with the teacher.


What do you have to lose? Contact your nearest academy today, and see the difference of enrichment versus tutoring for yourself!