Students reading and writing in enrichment camp

Time Travelers: An Enrichment Camp

Grades 4 — 6

Writing and History

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cast a vote for the Constitution in 1700s America? What if you could write your own myth in ancient Greece? Or create a haiku after exploring famous Japanese landmarks? In this educational camp, your student will experience all of this and more when you power up your time machine for Time Traveler Tales! In this camp for rising 4th-6th graders that combines both history and writing, students will weave through time, diving into a variety of different cultures, landmarks, and historical events. At each stop on their travels, students will learn about one new writing style, using it to enrich their experience of a historical topic. Interactive games, group activities, and crafts will further enhance students’ journeys. Your seat awaits on this journey to the past, launching in 3…2…1!


Session 1: Opinion Writing and American Foundation

Session 2: Explanatory Writing and US Government

Session 3: Research/Evidence Based Writing and Ancient Civilizations

Session 4: Compare & Contrast Writing and World Religions

Session 5: Speech Writing and Civil Rights Movement

Session 6: Story Writing and Greek History

Session 7: Poetry and Japanese History & Culture

Session 8: Narrative Writing and American Exploration

Session 9: Persuasive Writing and British Parliament & Government

Session 10: Blast to the future! Presentation Writing and Technology History

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