Student activities at tutoring camps

Enrichment Camps

Your child will play, learn, create, and explore with A Grade Ahead’s enrichment camps. These day camps go above and beyond traditional tutoring. While in our day camps, your child will learn to ask questions, investigate, and solve problems all while having fun with his or her peers.

Enrichment camps are offered at A Grade Ahead enrichment academies or in partnership with local schools and community centers. Check with your local academy to see which camps are offered in your area.

MathVenture Junior (Grades 1-3)

Help Matt the Magician become a mathematician! Rising 1st through 3rd graders will apply their math skills, along with learning some new ones, to assist Matt as he journeys around Math Island. But, alas, no journey is complete without obstacles! These obstacles will require students to apply their learning in fractions, time, money, graph, measurement, and so much more. Is your student ready to become a mathematician?

MathVenture (Grades 3-5)

Math can be magical! Matt the Magician will guide students through adventures including money, time, measurement, geometry, and fractions. Students will also use critical thinking skills that require investigation, inquiry, and collaboration to solve math puzzles and games.

Eco–Explorers (Grades 3 – 5)

Hop in our Jeep or submarine and explore with us! Students will examine different ecosystems and how animals behave and interact with one another. Through interactive activities and project-based learning, our student-centered curriculum will make biology fun and understandable.

Time Travelers(Grades 4 – 6)

In this camp for rising 4th-6th graders that combines both history and writing, students will weave through time, diving into a variety of different cultures, landmarks, and historical events. At each stop on their travels, students will learn about one new writing style, using it to enrich their experience of a historical topic. Interactive games, group activities, and crafts will further enhance students’ journeys.

Writer’s Workshop (Grades 4 – 6)

Writers’ Workshop will inspire students to become just like their favorite authors! Students will learn of a variety of fictional genres (realistic fiction, fantasy, and mystery) through reading and writing exercises and games. Every class, students will write a creative piece based on one of the genres. By the end, they will have polished one of their original works and will present it for the class and their parents.

Robotics (Grades 4 – 6)

Robotics: Race to the End will help students navigate their way through the basics of simple programming software and building robots using accessible and fun robotics technology. By the end, students will have have built foundational knowledge through which they will be able to gain greater insights into robotics in general.