A Grade Ahead: The Best After-School Enrichment Program for Advanced Learning

At A Grade Ahead, not only will you see results, but your child will feel empowered to succeed! A Grade Ahead is different from other tutoring and enrichment programs. Our students feel a sense of community and friendship with the other students in their classes. They are constantly building on their skills with fewer monotonous drills and more real-world situations. Most of all, your child will enjoy attending A Grade Ahead class because we show students that learning can be fun, challenging, and rewarding.

Small Group Benefits

We understand that students need both individual attention and group work to get the most out of their learning. At A Grade Ahead, we offer the best of both worlds: individual attention that traditional tutoring provides and small group benefits that traditional classrooms offer. With our small class sizes, your child benefits from individual instruction and also from the ideas shared through interaction with his or her peers. Your child will learn individual skills needed to be successful in the classroom and collaborative skills needed to be successful in life. Unlike other learning centers, we group students based on grade and ability to promote a positive, engaging environment conducive to learning.

Teacher Interaction

Our teachers are specially equipped to make learning fun and engaging for students. Each week, your child will attend a class with the regularly scheduled teacher and other students. Teachers teach a traditional lesson to the class, ensuring that students learn ideas and skills required for their grades. Then, teachers work with students, both individually and as a group, to complete a worksheet related to the topic taught. As students progress, teachers monitor their strengths and areas of opportunities to make sure that students’ skills are advancing appropriately. Beyond that, teachers also conduct interactive activities, which we call Hands-On Activities. These activities help solidify skills and ideas and relate them to real-life situations.

New Topics Introduced and Mastered Each Week

Unlike traditional tutoring programs, A Grade Ahead’s curriculum and worksheets make sure your child keeps up and stays ahead. Your child will be constantly challenged by learning a new topic each week. Teachers will spend class time each week teaching a new topic and strengthening your student’s skills.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills with Interactive Activities

At A Grade Ahead, our main focus is academic enrichment, advancing your child beyond skills taught in school. By focusing efforts on critical thinking and problem-solving, we give students the skills and practice they need to reach a higher academic standard. We strive to create a community of students who are confident and capable learners so that they can succeed in school and in life.