Geometry students are now a part of our Blended Learning program, a combination of traditional pencil and paper, along with activities online.

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Geometry Enrichment Classes (9th/10th Grade)

Proof that math shapes minds.

A Grade Ahead’s Geometry program provides students with an edge in one of the most difficult classes of their high school career. Including the concepts contained in the curriculum, Geometry students will also enhance:

  • Logic and reasoning
  • Supporting arguments
  • Spatial dexterity
  • A broad geometrical vocabulary

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Geometry students receive a full Geometry curriculum section, composed of analytical, real-world problems.

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Month 1
Algebraic properties; Special pairs of angles; Perpendicular and parallel lines
Month 2
If-Then statements; Converses; Proving theorems and planning proofs
Month 3
Angles; Triangle congruence; Perpendicular bisectors
Month 4
Parallelograms; Trapezoids; Distance, mid-point, and slope with vectors
Month 5
Transformations; Similarity; Probability
Month 6
Right angles; Coordinate proofs; Trigonometry
Month 7
Polygon similarity; Area and congruence of paralellograms
Month 8
Test Prep Month
Standardized Test Preparation
*Some may offer in a month other than February. Check with your local academy.
Month 9
Prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, and spheres
Month 10
Transformations, composition, and symmetry
Month 11
Preparing to Move A Grade Ahead