Testimonials from Enrichment Academy Parents

“Am happy that A Grade Ahead provides enough study material for the entire week.”

-S.A., Aurora, IL

“Our son admitted that going to A Grade Ahead reduced anxiety at school because he is ahead and also helped him improve his MAP school scores”

-Z.V., Avon, OH

“Great academic place. Pleased with material contents.”

-R.T., Bear, DE

“A Grade Ahead has made our life easier.”

-N.S., Brandon, FL

“Good extracurricular enhancement program to keep children engaged in academic studies.”

-H.K., Carrollwood, FL

“My daughter is way ahead in math and her foundation is solid, thanks to A Grade Ahead!”

-Ashie, Dubin, OH

“A Grade Ahead has helped my son achieve above average scores on his state standardized testing and has taught him a variety of problem solving skills that help him complete his homework with confidence.”

-M.A., Dubin, OH

“A Grade Ahead has guided my kids to learn and motivate in their subjects. After attending school, I can see the difference in them. Appreciate your effort here.”

-A.H., Edison, NJ

“Amazing teachers and curriculum. Mr. Krishna is so good and helpful. Appreciate efforts of everyone.”

-J.M., Franklin, TN

“A great place with a great enrichment program and wonderful, patient and knowledgeable teachers.”

-T.R.C., Frisco, TX

“Very useful and challenges the child.  I have seen great improvement in my daughter’s math skills in the last one year.”

-A.J., Gahanna, OH

“A Grade Ahead is affordable and efficient.”

-S.S., Grayson, GA

“Leo is confident with his math skills and is a leader and teacher in his class. A Grade Ahead truly puts him one grade ahead in his class!”

L.B., Hoboken, NJ

“Good supplemental math to ensure my kid is at the top of their class.”

K.E., Hoboken, NJ

“This is the exact place and tutorials I was looking for my kids.”

-N.T. Louisville, KY

“A place to build strong foundational strength for students’ two core academic essentials: math and English.”

-P.C., Manchester, CT

“A Grade Ahead provides good curriculum based studies with home work for kids to practice at home. Workbooks start off with concept explanation and then 4 days on practice.”

-H.P., Manchester, CT

“Was a great help for my son.”

-N.G., Mt. Juliet, TN

“Awesome tutoring, knowledgeable teachers who care and make sure kids understand the material. Kids really want to go here.”

R.S., Naperville, IL

“Precise in teaching concepts to children.”

D.B., Naperville, IL

“My boys are both thriving in school with the help of A Grade Ahead. It’s a great tutoring program!”

-T.T., Mt. Juliet, TN

“Study materials are competitive and above the current school standards for most of the kids. I have seen improvements in my kid throughout the academic year. This also builds additional confidence during other extra curricular activities in school. “

-A.C., Oldsmar, FL

“A Grade Ahead is fantastic and has helped maintain my daughter’s academic focus.”

-T.S., Parsippany, NJ

“It really makes kids look “A Grade Ahead.”

-G.G., Plainsboro, NJ

“A place where my kids always love to go!”

-S.S. Polaris, OH

“Superb. We love the method of teaching.”

-N.L., Powell, OH

“Good materials and excellent teaching.”

-V.V., Rocky Hill, CT

“A Grade Ahead is a gap filler. It fills in the educational gaps that are not filled in regular school course work.”

-R.W., Schaumburg, IL

“It’s a great place and a wonderful staff. My son takes English and math and I have noticed a significant improvement.”

-A.M., Smyrna, GA

“Great program and best curriculum for mathematics.”

M.K., Warren, NJ