Teachers and students conducting experiments at science camp

MathVenture Enrichment Camp

Grades 3 — 5

Math and Lateral Thinking


Math can be magical! In this educational enrichment camp, students will explore the magical world of math. Matt the Magician needs help becoming a mathematician. Students will help him through a variety of adventures including money, time, measurement, geometry, and fractions. They will use critical thinking skills that require investigation, inquiry, and collaboration to solve math puzzles and games. At the end of the course, students will have helped Matt the Magician turn into a mathematician, and they will become mathematicians themselves.

Session 1: “Journey through Math Island”

Students will begin the journey to Math Island with their new friend, Mr. Matt Magician.  Applying logic and critical thinking skills, students will work in small groups to help Mr. Matt Magician solve the obstacles he runs into.  Students will have different types of supplies and everyday objects, so they will have to use their creativity to solve these obstacles. Throughout the journey, students will find the time and date of each obstacle to practice keeping track of a schedule.

Session 2: “The Math Competition”

Students will help Mr. Matt Magician to get ready, enter, and win the Math Competition. He is now home to be with his friends and to get ready to enter the Math Competition. Once he enters, students will compete against each other or in groups solving interactive and hands-on math problems. Students will need to use creativity and critical thinking skills to solve the problems. Throughout the competition, students will also keep track of the time and days. They will become familiar with using a calendar and clock and writing them in their logs.


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