Math Enrichment Classes

Your child will reach new heights with A Grade Ahead’s math curriculum.

A Grade Ahead’s math program introduces and builds upon math concepts every week to strengthen your child’s math capabilities over time. Our math worksheets teach your child important concepts needed to excel at school and life.

Math tutoring steps to success: Comprehensive lessons + numerical drills + word problems = comprehension and success

More than just tutoring.

Our numerical drills make sure your child masters speed and accuracy before moving on to the next skill. Similar to traditional tutoring and other learning centers, teachers will work directly with your child to help him or her master new computational skills.

We then take traditional tutoring and enhance it even further to create an enriching experience for your child. In a small classroom setting, we teach math concepts that align with the curriculum of your child’s school. Doing this ensures that your child learns these math concepts faster and on a deeper level.

But we don’t stop there — we understand the value of logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and introduce your child to real-world situations through word problems and interactive activities. Our program will help your child advance faster than his or her peers, leading to advantages in the classroom.

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