8th graders are now a part of A Grade Ahead’s blended learning program, a combination of traditional paper and pencil, along with activities online. For more information, visit this webpage: https://agradeahead.com/online/.

8th Grade English Enrichment Classes

Build a foundation for success.

A Grade Ahead’s 8th grade English enrichment classes focus on advanced language arts concepts. Students will build on writing, comprehension, and grammar skills as they prepare for high school and beyond, while receiving additional guidance on mastering:

  • College preparatory vocabulary words
  • Challenging curriculum passages


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Month 1
Informative Writing (Cause and effect essay, definition essay)
Month 2
Argumentative Writing (Persuasive essay, analysis)
Month 3
Narrative Writing (Fiction writing, memoirs)
Month 4
Comprehension--Nonfiction (Biography, autobiography, personal essay)
Month 5
Comprehension--Nonfiction (Book reports, journalism, travel writing)
Month 6
Comprehension--Fiction (Realistic fiction, fantasy, historical fiction)
Month 7
Comprehension--Fiction (Mystery, science fiction, horror)
Month 8
Grammar for Reading (Parts of speech, Greek and Latin roots, complex punctuation)
Test Prep Month
Standardized Test Preparation
*Some may offer in a month other than February. Check with your local academy.
Month 9
Grammar for Speech (Parrallelism, active/passive voice, clauses and phrases)
Month 10
Grammar for Writing (Style guidelines, citing sources, shifts, verb types)
Month 11
Preparing to Move A Grade Ahead