A Proprietary Approach to Educational Success

Getting ahead in today’s world can be tough. It’s not simply enough to remember algorithms or practice drills; children need to develop advanced problem-solving skills.  Our process goes beyond basic skills that traditional tutoring and other learning centers offer. Using our proven approach, your child will work hard to learn important educational concepts, and then take them one step further by applying them to real-life situations. At A Grade Ahead, we want to shape your children into critical thinkers so that they can become the best at what they do!



An assessment will determine your child’s strengths and areas of opportunities.



Register your child for weekly classroom sessions at your local enrichment academy.



Your child will learn a new skill each week through a traditional lesson in a small classroom taught by a teacher.



We take concepts that your child has learned and apply them to real-world situations with ideas integrated into our programs, such as hands-on learning activities, word problems, and writing exercises.



Your child will complete a total of four days of homework to reinforce the weekly concept.



You will see positive results in your child’s A Grade Ahead homework scores and in his or her school and everyday life.

Our Enrichment Academies provide a small-classroom experience that includes:

  • Small class size with students of the same abilities.
  • A lesson and instruction from the teacher on the topic of the week.
  • Worksheets to reinforce topics in class and at home.
  • Monthly quizzes to assess students regularly and ensure maximum learning.
  • Review weeks to provide an opportunity for the students to revisit topics from the past weeks to maintain retention and master past material.
  • Furthering students’ understanding of concepts by participating in hands-on learning activities to practice their math and English skills in real-world scenarios.
  • The online Parent Portal to effectively track and monitor your child’s progress in our program.