Students reading and writing in enrichment camp

Writer’s Workshop: An Enrichment Camp

Grades 4 — 6

Writing, Reading, Creativity

Writer’s Workshop is perfect for your junior author! If your child loves to write, to create, or to make up silly stories, this writing camp is perfect for him or her. Students will learn about different genres—realistic fiction, fantasy, and mystery. Your child will love the different short stories that we will read! We will play games like “Telephone” but, in A Grade Ahead style, with a twist! Students will learn how to improvise and brainstorm with their peers as well as work on independently write their own pieces. Students will learn how to give and learn from constructive feedback – something that is very important to learn to be a healthy adult!

Writer’s Workshop will inspire students to become just like their favorite authors!  Every class, students will write a creative piece based on one of the genres.  At the end of the week, with the help of their peers and teacher, students will present a piece that they are proud to share!


Check with your local A Grade Ahead Academy for dates and times of enrichment camps.