3rd Grade Science Lessons & Questions (with Answers)

In the 3rd grade science worksheets, students will begin with the scientific method through application and inquiry-based learning. Students will learn how to become young scientists. Learning the basics of topics such as Earth science, physical science, and life science, A Grade Ahead’s 3rd grade science enrichment program will open their eyes to the science of the world around them. Through this content, 3rd grade students will learn more about:

  • The Earth and its surface
  • Machines and motion
  • Animals and their adaptations

Students will also gain inquiry-based learning skills, such as:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to follow explicit directions
  • Investigation techniques

Don’t forget, your child can begin the curriculum at any time throughout the year. Start learning today!


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Week 1
Application and Inquiry
The Scientific Method
Weeks 2
Earth Science
Earth's Energy Resources
Weeks 3
Earth Science
Identifying mineral resources
Weeks 4
Earth Science
Rocks and soil
Weeks 5
Earth Science
The Solar System
Weeks 6
Earth Science
Earth Science Project Week
Weeks 7
Physical Science
Force and Motion
Weeks 8
Physical Science
Simple Machines
Weeks 9
Physical Science
Weeks 10
Physical Science
Weeks 11
Physical Science
Physical Science Project Work
Weeks 12
Life Science
Habitats, Ecosystems, and Biomes
Weeks 13
Life Science
Weeks 14
Life Science
Weeks 15
Life Science
Weeks 16
Life Science
Life Science Project Week