A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio is Adapting

We are living in unique times where our top priority is to keep our families safe and healthy. But it is also important to keep our children learning and on track to reach their educational goals. To help, A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio has adapted our program while our classrooms are closed. Here’s how we are using our curriculum and technology to stay connected.

Mailed Curriculum

A Grade Ahead’s proprietary curriculum booklets with lessons, worksheets, and answers are mailed directly to our students’ homes.

Online Classes

Each week, students meet for an interactive, online class with no more than 8 students per teacher. They learn a proper lesson and work together on worksheets to practice the weekly topic.

Practice Worksheets

Students continue to work on our worksheets throughout the week to solidify the lesson.

If you want to keep your child on track, please contact A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio today!


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