A Grade Ahead Market Research Study


Purpose of this study:

The purpose of this study is to gather information on your experience with A Grade Ahead and your thoughts on academic and extracurricular enrichment activities.  Your participation in this study will help A Grade Ahead provide the best academic enrichment experience for you and all our customers.


Your participation in this study is voluntary:

I voluntarily agree to participate in the A Grade Ahead Market  Research study.

I understand that even if I agree to participate now, I can withdraw at any time or refuse to answer any question without any consequences of any kind.  

I understand that I will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card as compensation for my participation.


Information we want to collect:

I have had the purpose and nature of the study explained to me in writing and I have had the opportunity to ask questions about the study.  

I understand that participation involves providing my perspective and opinion on A Grade Ahead academic enrichment programs and other extracurricular enrichment activities.

I understand that I will not benefit directly from participating in this research other than my $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Protecting your privacy:

I understand that all information I provide for this study will be treated confidentially.

I understand that in any report on the results of this research my identity will remain anonymous.  

I understand that disguised extracts from my interview may be quoted in an internal market research report.

I understand that signed consent forms and original audio recordings will be retained by A Grade Ahead.


Your consent:

I agree to my interview being audio-recorded.

I understand that a transcript of my interview in which all identifying information has been removed will be created and information pertinent to the study will be retained for 1 year.



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